Enjoy Baking Old Fashioned Desserts

Get ready to bake some old fashioned desserts and really really enjoy it. You will love baking these recipes as much as you do eating them. This website will be centered around old fashioned dessert recipes that have been handed down through my family or antique recipes that I have collected over the years.  I will also share with you, some of my own favorite recipes that aren’t so “antique”.   In current times the art of baking is becoming somewhat of a bygone.  Busy lives, jobs and raising kids have turned our baking into running to the grocery store and pulling something out of the frozen section. We then take it home, thaw it out, maybe throw it in a pre-heated oven and call that dessert.    Wouldn’t it be great  to bring the traditions that our grandparents generation back to the family home?

Growing up, I would stay with my grandparents and stand on a step stool beside my grand mother as she was baking.  The memories of her rolling out pie crust dough and making homemade cinnamon rolls are so frozen in my mind.  I cherish and hold those memories close to my heart.  I remember the large family gatherings and the tons of food and good times.   Maybe you don’t have those memories, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could create memories like that for your children or even grandchildren.   Baking can be a very rewarding activity and at times challenging.  Once you learn the skills and tricks of the art, I hope you will love it as much as I do.  Baking can be a relaxing activity when you are tired of the stresses of life.  It can be a great dreary winter day activity to do indoors.

I know you may be thinking about the calories that come along with baking and tasting the goodies that you make.  Don’t worry, if you love to bake like I do,  make gifts for your friends and family out of what you bake.  Christmas time especially is the holiday to create the perfect gift from your baked goods.  Breads, cookies, cakes and pies make a great gift or a take-along for the Sunday dinner at friends or family.  If you give them as gifts, there are so many creative ways to wrap them. I have seen so many different boxes and wrappings online.  Boxes that you can individualize and make your own.  You can also make desserts for your child’s bake sales at school or a church fund raiser.  Make it an art and build on it.  Some of you may be inspired to start your own business from the baking skills you acquire.  Whatever you use your baking skills for, relaxing, gift-giving or just merely baking for your family or even yourself, you will find it rewarding and satisfying as you perfect your techniques.

These recipes for desserts will be for the novice baker and also the more experienced.  I promise I won’t get too difficult.  From cookies, cakes, pies and other fabulous recipes, you never know what will be listed on this  website.   Try my Caramel Bubble Ring recipe for a family breakfast around the holidays or the Magic Mocha Cake for dessert tonight.  Whatever you decide to bake, I hope you love the recipe and incorporate it into your collection of favorite recipes.   If you own old family cookbooks, please feel free to share some of your go-to-recipes with all of us.  In this website you will also find some baking terms and learn what some baking equipment is.  I will also list substitutions that you can use if you start baking and find you don’t have the called-for ingredient.  If this happens, a lot of times you will have something else in your kitchen that you can substitute.  I would suggest that you read the recipe before a grocery store trip or starting the recipe.

If you have questions about baking substitutions or baking terms that aren’t on here, please message me and I will add them to the website.  Don’t worry, you have this!  Baking doesn’t have to be hard. It can be whatever you want it to be.  Dream big and practice, practice, practice!  It is a skill that you can pass down to your children and create memories with.  Just dive in and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect the first time.  We have all created that flopped cake or those burnt cookies when first starting.

I hope to get you baking and enjoying it as much as I do.  Desserts are rewarding to create.

Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions, as I would love to hear from you also.  Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook and get my posts as I update the recipes and suggestions for baking that perfect dessert.  Don’t forget to visit my Featured Product of the Month Page for great offers for items that you won’t want to miss!

Old Fashioned Desserts

Happy Baking!

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