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11 January, 2018

Baking Equipment and Utensils

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I  want to touch a bit on some baking equipment that I use and recommend.  I started out with a cheaper hand mixer, which always did the trick.  I was lucky to get a Kitchen Aid Mixer for Christmas one year.  I was torn about the ease of using this.  After all, my lightweight hand mixer was easy to pull out of the kitchen drawer and easy to clean and put away.  Once I started baking with my Kitchen Aid Mixer, I was amazed at how much it freed me up to be mobile while baking.  I didn’t have to quit mixing and lay the mixer down to go get other ingredients or break an egg into my batter.  Now, I don’t bake without it.  It also comes with a dough hook for mixing yeast breads and a whisk for beating egg whites into meringue.  It supports a lot of other attachments and equipment that can be purchased separately.  It will make your cooking and baking a breeze.  It can be a little pricey but well worth the money if you bake a lot.  I also recommend the tilt head as it makes removing the bowl and beater easier.

Kitchen Aid Mixer,mixer,baking,equipment

Kitchen Aid Mixer

There are many different baking pans available.  For cookie sheets, I like to use a heavier shiny cookie sheet.  The dark ones tend to burn the cookies on the bottoms.  Glass pans aren’t good for baking cookies.  Another piece of baking equipment that I have fallen in love with is the stoneware baking pans and pizza stones.  These are incredible!  They don’t stick, and they are heavy and bake cookies evenly.  I haven’t tried baking a cake in them yet.  I have baked biscuits on them and they come out great!  These stones are pans need to be washed in only hot water. Don’t use soap in them as they will absorb the soap taste. If something does get stuck in them, just use a scraper or a plastic scrubby.   Stock Your Kitchen With Baking Essentials for the ultimate baking experience.


Stoneware,cookie sheets,jellyroll pans

Stoneware Baking Pan

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